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PEMF is not only an energy that heals, but also an essential element for maintaining health. It nourishes and heals like chicken soup for your biofield, acting as a blueprint for the body.

By increasing cellular voltage, ATP, and stored energy (known as Jing), PEMF gives your body the boost it needs to function at its best. With PEMF, your body acts as a whole battery recharger, wirelessly stimulating your cells, tissues, and organs through magnetic resonance. Say goodbye to low energy and hello to a healthier, happier you!

PEMF Therapy Options:

Relaxation: A careful selection of low intensities and frequencies to calm the body without causing drowsiness. The choice of green for simultaneous brainwave stimulation enhances the desired calming effect on the mental level.

Sleep: Very low and gradual magnetic field intensities combined with extremely low frequency spectra and a combined selection of sleep promoting colors move the entire organism into a perfect state for restful and healthy sleep. 

Regeneration: After a period of intense physical or mental exertion, whether at work, in sports, or during a challenging mental event, the Regeneration program helps bring the body and mind back to a balanced and calming state. 

Balance/Repair: A balanced stimulation of the whole body with all available frequency bundles during the application period ensures a holistic balance of metabolic activities.
The changing sequence of color mixtures activates the process of cellular repair mechanisms and supports the general calming of body and mind through deep heat.

Solfeggio Scale 9: The iMRS prime is the world's first and only PEMF system that generates the 9 defined Solfeggio frequencies as individual electromagnetic sine waves and delivers them to the body. The individual frequencies and their properties are described in the literature as follows:
396HZ - Letting go of fear and guilt
417HZ - Letting go of negativity and trauma
528HZ - Repairing DNA, also known as the frequency of love
639HZ - Promoting harmony
741HZ - Elimination of toxins
852HZ - Awakening intuition
174HZ - Relief of pain, stress and tension
285HZ - Restoration and healing of tissue
963HZ - Activation and expansion of consciousness

Longevity: All known and effective parameters of a holistic, electromagnetic application (magnetic field, light and heat) are cumulated in a single protocol and applied to the body in a carefully coordinated manner. The result is the most comprehensive and complex application ever made available in a PEMF system.

Cell Training:  A new, specific application approach with the goal of stimulating all body cells dynamically and energetically (in the sense of training) in order to counteract a habituation effect even more actively and to keep the resonance potential of the cell at the highest possible level.

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PEMF Therapy Session (w/FIR, Brain Entrainment & Biofeedback)

PEMF Therapy Session (w/FIR, Brain Entrainment & Biofeedback)

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PEMF Therapy Program
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