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An infrared sauna is a luxurious and convenient way to actively sweat and improve our health, even with a busy lifestyle. As the body's core temperature slowly rises and blood flow increases, our nervous system signals millions of sweat glands to stimulate perspiration.

This process is enhanced by far infrared rays, which can penetrate 1.5" into the body, inducing 2-3 times more perspiration than conventional saunas. The best part? The surrounding air stays at a comfortable temperature, usually between 115 and 140 degrees F (46-60 degrees Celsius). This is especially beneficial for those concerned about cardiovascular risks, as traditional saunas can reach much higher temperatures.

Unlike traditional saunas, which rely on indirect means of heat, far infrared saunas directly convert over 80% of infrared energy into heat within our bodies, allowing for deeper penetration without overheating the air. Say goodbye to muscle soreness and hello to a more comfortable and relaxing sauna experience.


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Infrared Sauna (20 min)

Infrared Sauna (20 min)

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